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The Backdoor Liberal Response To The Public’s Call For Tougher Prison Sentences

Do I detect a new trend in prison sentencing?

Following the blaze of publicity over recent weeks concerning lenient sentencing, including the MSM assault on the government, and (I hope) a growing awareness on behalf of the public of the failure of the current liberal “soft-on-crime” agenda, the government must feel that they need to do something, and do something urgently. They have two options. To bow to the wishes of the dissenters, such as myself and all those who support a tougher criminal justice system, or to wriggle, spin, mislead, or generally lead us to believe they are getting tougher whilst in reality doing the opposite.

The following story leads me to believe the latter.

This is an extended version of an entry taken off my blog (link)
Yesterday morning (29th June) on my local ITV news there was a report that a serial Paedophile had been given an indefinite prison sentence at Lincoln Crown Court. My initial response, “At last, they are beginning to listen to the wishes of the British people” was quickly dashed when the newsreader went on to say that the paedophile would spend a minimum of two years in jail.

This follows the national story of two weeks ago, (link) in which the headline was that the child murderer Craig Sweeney had been given life imprisonment. The small print of the judgement revealed that he would be eligible for parole in only five years one hundred and twenty eight days.

I wonder if we will see a lot more “indefinite” and “life” sentences handed down simply as a tough-on-crime gimmick that in reality may see the criminals released after only a few years to re-offend again?

This sounds like a policy designed to keep everyone happy. The public is reassured at the time of conviction that we are being tough on crime (assuming the media don’t look too closely at the small print in the judgement), the courts and the social services are given a guaranteed stream of customers in the future, and the great liberal experiment with law and order rolls on.

Maybe such dishonesty in sentencing is not that new. Michael Howard championed two strikes and you are out during his time as Home Secretary, and the response of the criminal justice system was early parole and a range of administrative orders to shorten sentences.

Stop Press:
The case cited above concerning the Lincoln paedophile was also reported on the BBC local news programme, “Look North” last night. And guess what? It was announced that the paedophile had been given an “indefinite” sentence, but no mention was made that he could be released in two years time.

I’m sure that many viewers who saw this report slept better in their beds last night, sure in the knowledge that a dangerous pervert had been taken off the streets indefinitely, which is of course just what the government wants them to think. Sadly, their sound night’s sleep may not have been justified.

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