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We need your help!

We need your help - the remit of this website is huge. If you would like to lend us a hand, please contact the editor with your ideas. If you have some specialist knowledge, or a particular subject that you are passionate about, or are just plain interested in helping us out, let us know about it. The help can be in the form of 'behind the scenes' work, writing articles for us, a regular news review, or any number of things. Please get in contact with us!

We have identified a number of questions that need to be addressed:
* Why are reoffending rates so high? How can they be reduced?
* How can we reduce the chronic drug problems present in our prisons?
* What is the best way to get ex-convicts into work? Should this be a national, or local policy?
* What problems are associated with prison mothers, for both mother and child? Is it better to take the children into care, and allow the mother to sit out her full sentence? Should the mother and child be housed in prison together? Or should mother and child be kept together in a different kind of establishment (if so, what kind?)? Should we prioritise the needs of the mother or the needs of the child, from a reducing crime perspective?
* How can we encourage youth offenders to move away from a life of crime? What youth correction schemes should be used? Should we have a national youth crime reduction policy, or a local one?
* What should the police priorities be? Once crime reduction priorities are identified, which policing methods work for them, and which ones do not?
* Sweden's rehabilitation scheme is often cited as being the best in the world - but is it? How much does it cost? What is the success rate? How can it be improved? Is it cost effective?
* What are the specific education problems that our prisoners have? Are these related to reoffending rates? If so, what is the best method of increasing the educational attainment of convicts whilst in prison?

But don't let us limit your contributions - if you have ideas of your own, get in contact!


Well done guys- this site is long overdue. Britain deserves cost effective justice, and with more and more people having to pay for private security, we sure ain't getting it now.

Thanks Wat.

Great stuff will read this over the next few days. Found this site via Burning our money BTW.

I have recently read land fit for criminals and was shocked by some of the data in it, and I thought I was fairly aware of the situation. The level of huge reoffending was unbelievable and the risk of reoffence almost guaranteed (say 18-21 age group with 10+ convictions, 95% reoffend again). A must read book. (apologies if you have, but could only find the link to the theodore dalrymple review of it)

The main page states that you think prison works because it stops people committing crime. But surely this is only one of the reasons for using prison (possibly not the most important). If this was the only function then let us use the death sentence on all people who commit a crime. This would have an even larger effect since people would never re-offend. (I find examining extreme cases, which this surely is, enlightening)
The question surely is what are we trying to achieve by putting people in prison, and are we achieving that goal.
Surely the ideal is that someone commits a crime and pays for it (people will always commit crimes, and I think this is a good thing, civil disobedience etc.) they should be able to learn from mistakes. But I can imagine locking some people away doesn't help, it just makes them feel more outside society and so they more easily commit crimes against that society.
Although I have no positive solutions I don't think it is an easy issue. However I shall read some of your web site and try to make up my own mind on stuff. Good to see someone trying debate stuff.

P.S. Did you see the thirty days thing on TV about prisons?

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