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Child sex offenders to be put on list 99

We find out today that all child sex offenders will be barred from working with children.

It's hard to believe that they were ever allowed to, but the blame lies with the complexity of our legal system. A police caution can be given to an adult who admits they committed an offence for which they could have been charged or prosecuted. Police cautions are recorded on the police national computer and can be used in court. When a person is cautioned for a sexual offence, they are also put on the sex offenders' register. If that caution was given to someone in response to a sexual offence against minors, however, they were not added to the list 99 (the register of people barred from working with children).

One might think that it isn't too serious - a teenager putting his hand up a girls skirt, or a drunk taking a pee, could be accused of a sexual offence against a minor - and cautioned. Hardly something to be put onto List 99. However, there are those offences that the police cannot be bothered to prossecute - in 2003 and 2004 there were 444 and 363 people cautioned for making and possessing indecent images of children. And these are certainly not the sort of people we want working in our schools, even if they aren't a specific risk to our children.

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