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Police cell measures come to end

(link) Emergency measures to hold prisoners in police cells are due to end on Saturday, the Home Office has said. The arrangement known as Operation Safeguard came into effect in October to ease an overcrowding crisis in prisons in England and Wales.

The number of inmates topped 80,000 for the first time in history last month.

Data from the National Offender Management Service shows the prison population now stands at 79,627.

Hoorah, the prison population is falling. This must mean that crime is falling……….. doesn’t it?

I’m afraid not. All it means is that murderers now only serve 2-3 years, muggers and burglars serve a few weeks, if any time at all, and persistent petty criminals get persistent petty community punishments.

For example:

( A man jailed for five years for the 2004 racist killing of an Iraqi Kurd refugee has been briefly released from prison on a temporary licence.

Lee Mordecai, of Bonymaen, Swansea, was jailed for five years in February 2005 for the manslaughter of Kalan Karim. He was attacked by Mordecai on Swansea's Kingsway in the early hours of 5 September, 2004.

Shortly afterwards, Mordecai struck Mr Karim, 29, with a single blow from behind. He later died in hospital.

This sad state of affairs was at least predictable. When law and order was making the front page earlier in the year New Labour talked tough, but I’m sure that we all knew they would act soft as soon as the media looked the other way.

At least we haven’t been disappointed.

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