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New measures to tackle gun crime

Here’s the latest example of our chaotic government. The boss says one thing, lets get tough on crime, whilst his ministers say and do the opposite<link>

Tony Blair is planning urgent measures to tackle gun crime and target gangs after a series of fatal shootings. The PM has ordered a review of laws and wants those aged 17 to 21, and not just the over-21s, to face minimum five-year jail terms for having illegal firearms. He told the BBC he wanted gang membership considered in sentencing.

Blair believes, or is pretending to believe, that “prison works” whilst our judges are being leaned upon to jail fewer criminals by Blair’s Lord Chacellor, Falconer. Our prisons are full, and no funding is to be provided by Blair's Treasury to staff the small increase in the number of places belatedly announced by the Home Secretary a few days ago.

So which policy will prevail today, Blair’s new “get tough” announcement or that which is actually happening all around him – weakness and prevarication?

Do I need to ask?


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